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Most of us forget how beautiful life is without debt.

That’s when we were too young to own anything.

Sinking in debt can be a painful experience for anyone. No matter what your circumstances are.

If you lose your job or had an accident, your bills just keep piling up. Not to mention the lost of income that have forced some to basically “live on credit”. While having a new addition to the family, most Singaporeans would incur debts even more.

Its a vicious cycle. You keep on paying your debts but it never seems to end.

Imagine the amount of money you would be able to save if let’s say you can reduce significantly or eliminate your debts forever or manage it more efficiently.

Do you know?

Average Personal Loans Per Capita in Singapore

Average personal loan per capita in Singapore was roughly $10,616 as of 31 Dec 2017. This figure includes loans like personal instalment loans, home renovation loans, education loans and pawn shop loans.

Somewhat like credit cards, personal loans have been a popular way of financing one’s needs in the recent years. Before 2009, this category of loans only comprised about 15% of a household’s liability. By 2017, its proportion has increased to more than 18%. It has been the fastest growing category of loans in Singapore, with an annual growth rate of 10% from 2009 to 2017.

This may be a bad signal that hints at weak consumer purchasing power, especially when it comes to important but pricey things like college tuition or wedding costs.

Total Outstanding Personal Loan in Singapore.


Sometimes, debt could be unintended, like overspending, over-borrowing, and probably you’ve always thought you can pay them off soon when you earn more.

Unfortunately, when reality sinks in, it too late when you realized that you’re already in debt.

In another aspect, your debt is a cancerous crisis. The longer you take to deal with it, the worse your situation may be. Many have tried to get out of debt but sadly most failed because they do not know how to.

stop suffering in silence

Thousands of individuals and business owners has gotten out of debt through our Total Money Management Program. Claim your Free 90 Minutes Debt Management Advisory Session now!

Claim Your Free 90 Mins Debt Management Advisory Session Now!


A simple yet proven-effective SOLUTIONS (SMART Money Management, Snowball Method, Debt Repayment Scheme & Bankruptcy) to consolidate any types of debt.


Solutions to all types of debts, including bank loans, license moneylender, hire-purchase and co-operative loan with ZERO/FREEZE INTEREST repayment plan.


Discover how anyone can pay off their debts and SAVE at the same time with the right plan and solution. A proven plan for to secure a big, fat nest egg for emergencies and retirement!

About SmartDebt Asia

Challenging ourselves to bring new and original ways of thinking


SMARTdebt Asia is the most longest and sought after debt solution service in Singapore.

SMARTdebt Asia was formerly known as i-RSL Management and Consultancy with more than 10 years combine experience in consulting, managing and providing Debt Strategy and Solution with 100% success rate as well as Savings Management.

It started out with the founder the Mr Leeo (Roslee Sahli), also known as animated MR G.O.O.D (Get Out Of Debt), having to go through the journey of seeking helped with $200k credit debt in 2001 and was unable to get the right advice and guidance. Frustrated, he self study the debt recovery process in Singapore and with legal guidance from a lawyer friend, he put his debt through the legal system and walk through the processes including BANKRUPTCY and DISCHARGED.


We have guide many individuals (Singaporean, Permanent Resident & Foreigner) and business owners who currently staying in Singapore and owing to financial institutions and creditors such as banks loan, license moneylenders, hire purchase, guarantor and co-operatives.


We strongly emphasize on understanding the debtor’s “Pain Points”. Most debtor are stress, lack of confidence, frequent sickness and some even have the intention to commit suicide due to constant HARASSMENT by creditor and debt collector.


SMARTdebt Asia was formerly known as i-RSL Management and Consultancy with more than 10 years combine experience in consulting, managing and providing Debt Strategy and Solution with 100% success rate as well as Savings Management.


Our main objective to save clients from BANKRUPTCY unless it’s avoidable. Understand your total debt amount is important as it will be the determine factor if BANKRUPTCY apply to you or not. Do read through some of our updated success testimonials below.


We understand the need for privacy for every one of our clients. All client meetings are kept strictly confidential we will do our very best to avoid unwanted discomfort. Visit us for a private consultation at Woodlands Horizon.

Our Services Includes

Lesser Repayments

Pay a significant amount less than the outstanding balanced owed. We can help you get on a Debt Settlement Service that may reduce your overall monthly payment, and resolve your balances quickly.


The right question is, “what program is right for you?”. Credit card relief and hardship programs can provide you with one affordable monthly payment to resolve all of your credit card debts fast!


With a properly planned debt consolidation program, you can eliminate accounts with high interest, replacing them with one new low-interest loan to pay back.


A company can have more debt than assets. Unlike equity, where the maximum equity is the value of all the company’s assets, debt can surpass assets.

So what makes SMARTdebt Asia different from any other debt management programs?

We truly understand the debtors’ “Pain Points”.

Most debtors are stressed, lacking of confidence and self esteem, falls sick frequently and some unfortunately to the extend of suicidal tendencies. And all this is normally due to the constant harassments of creditors and debt collectors.

We practice art of Kaizen which is the Japanese way of continuous and never ending improvements. We never stop learning from case studies and legal loopholes, while constantly updating ourselves with the latest debt policies.

We provide 24/7 communication support service to ensure that we are always there when needed.

Our professional consultants will walk you through our 4 steps processes during the consultation:

  1. Debt Analysis: We analyse your total debt amount to determine whether you can avoid bankruptcy.

  2. Debt Ratio: Through debt ratio you will know the seriousness of your debt status.

  3. Debt Management: You will be advise on how to manage your current debt.

  4. Debt Solution: We will work out the SOLUTION best fit your current debt

Our main objective is to save clients from bankruptcy unless it's unavoidable. Understanding your total debt amount is important as it will be the determining factor if you are liable to bankruptcy. Do read through some of our updated success testimonials!

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Plus so much more…

No matter how much the amount owed, we assure you there’s a solution!


We’re here to help answer your questions and we are committed in helping you with your situation.

We understand that managing and trying to clear your debt can be complicated at times.

With more than 30 years of combined  experience in helping people with debt management solutions, we are able to provide you various solutions to any types of debt situation, no matter how severe it is.

Get in touch with us today using the form below. All we want from you is be comfortable and feel free with your questions.

We also understand that your situation might be of high urgency, so please do not hesitate to send me a message via whatsapp for faster response.

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