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Hello Friends,

Hi, my name is Leeo (Roslee Sahli) and this is my debt story.

In year 2003, bankruptcy application was filed against me due to my $230,000 bad debt owing to banks and cooperatives.

I had to leave my career of 20 years with no saving and plans for a new job.

At that moment, I felt helpless and lost. Friends shunned me off and avoided me, as if i carry the label “IN DEBT” on my forehead…

I was at the LOWEST POINT & ROCK BOTTOM part of my life!

I could not bring myself to face my creditors or even open the letterbox. Live was a living hell for me…

Anonymous phone numbers were left unanswered…

Home was too scary to live in because any time there was a knock on my door, I would quickly turn off the TV and lights in the hopes that they would just leave me thinking that no one’s at home…

When my kids asked, I would quickly whisper to them to keep quiet, as they were bad people at the door

The bills remained unpaid and it just keeps piling up.

I thought the solution was to keep borrowing. I dug out of one hole and went into another. It just doesn’t end.

I felt emotionally and physically drained by my debts. My monthly salary of $4,200 as a manager, at that time was not enough for me to pay off the debts.

By the time I realized I was in trouble, the debt has swelled to an amount that’s so intimidating that I lost my sense of control.

I was literally only paying off the bare minimum every month to a point I felt really low and wondered if I would ever get out of debt….

Debt Repayment Scheme or Bankruptcy?

I simply couldn’t take it, I eventually plucked up a huge amount of courage to address my dire situation. But through this bitter pill I learned more on how debt recovery process works in Singapore. 

… if your debt volume is between $15,000 to $100,000, no matter what any hot-shot debt consultants are telling you, you should AVOID BANKRUPTCY. You should opt for a Debt Repayment Scheme instead….


According to a recent study…


Average Personal Loans Per Capita In Singapore

Average personal loan per capita in Singapore was roughly $10,616 as of 31 Dec 2017.

This figure includes loans like personal installment loans, home renovation loans, education loans and pawn shop loans.

Somewhat like credit cards, personal loans have been a popular way of financing one’s needs in the recent years. Before 2009, this category of loans only comprised about 15% of a household’s liability.

By 2017, its proportion has increased to more than 18%. It has been the fastest growing category of loans in Singapore, with an annual growth rate of 10% from 2009 to 2017.

This may be a bad signal that hints at weak consumer purchasing power, especially when it comes to important but pricey things like college tuition or wedding costs.

Procrastinating will only land me deeper into depression….

Let’s just face it, the debts are not going to go by itself… One needs determination and a plan to be debt free and never to get into that trap again.

And I am glad I have made that decision, because….

In less than a year, I have started to experience drastic positive changes to my life….

My bill repayment shrank from thousands of dollars to a measly less than a hundred dollars a month.

No more unwanted calls from my creditors, no more staying away from home and no more red letters of demand from my creditors.

And the best thing was that, now I am totally debt free

Life is amazing without debt that I have made it point to help others to relief themselves from the pain and agony of being in debt.

stop suffering in silence

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